A graduate of Queen’s Law School in Kingston and called to the Bar in 2007, Mark has a long history of serving his county. He joined the Grey and Simcoe Foresters Army Cadets in grade 7, the Reserves in grade 10, and the Regular Force in 1983. He has been to such wonderful places as Borden, Moose Jaw, Edmonton, Cold Lake, Gagetown, Petawawa, Thule, Alert, England, Italy, Split, Cyprus, and of course Trenton. He served as an Avionics Technician and retired out of 8 AMS in 2004.

Mark and his wife Annette sustenance farm, meaning they grow most of what they eat. On their 5 acre parcel of land, they have 4 large gardens, a bunch of chickens, and some rabbits. Mark also has one of the largest collections of walk behind tractors made by Waterloo Manufacturing Company Limited in the 1940s and 1950s. Restoring them has given him an understanding of the basic metal working skills. Prior to going to law school, Mark and Annette had 7 rental properties, which gave them a detailed understanding of Real Estate transactions and home repairs.

It may seem odd for a lawyer to include such details in their bio, but we believe that doing so helps clients pick their lawyer. If you are defending a small claims action relating to a latent defect after the sale of your house, you want someone who knows how the various systems in your house should work. It also helps us filter out those clients who are looking for a pretentious “high powered” law firm. We offer one-on-one service in a relaxed environment. Mark will meet with you when it is convenient for you, whether that means evenings or Saturdays. Hiring a lawyer is expensive enough without losing work for appointments. Because of that, we can often get you in the same or next day.

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